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Sleep with us
# 1
Sesto Sun Dial

A timeless natural wonder

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# 2
The Val Fiscalina

Enchanting beauty

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# 3
Flowers and garden dreams

A stroll between architecture, art and geraniums

# 4
Traces of history

Anderter Alp open-air museum & exhibition

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# 5
Sesto winter paradise

All-round ski slope fun in the Tre Cime Dolomiti ski area

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# 6
Stoneman Trail

Push your boundaries

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# 7
Cross-country skiing with a view

Relaxation close to nature, sports challenge

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# 8
The Sesto hut round

A rewarding, traditional walk with a panorama factor

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# 9
Clear winter air

On foot through the snowy winter landscape

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# 10
Fascinating rocks

Up high on Sesto’s fixed-rope routes

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# 11
Through fresh, powdery snow

Winter summit experiences: Ski tours and snow shoe walks

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# 12
High-altitude euphoria in pairs

Tandem flights: circle like an eagle over Sesto

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# 13
Monte Casella mountain

An under-appreciated jewel with a panoramic view

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# 14
Switching horizons

The compass needle is upside down

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